Running Payroll for selected employees

Runtime Software

Runtime Payroll lets you run payroll selectively for one or more employees when there is no change in salary or attendance data for all employees.

When finalizing payroll for the month, you almost always face a situation where there is a correction or amendment in one or more employees data. This change calls for re-running payroll for the month to reflect the changes in the monthly salary reports.

The reasons for such change can be any of the following:

  • Change in attendance for one or more days (For e.g. Absent marked instead of Present)
  • Change in one or more employee’s salary which was not applied on first run.
  • A manual salary or deduction was not inputted or inputted for in wrong employee’s name.
  • Any other input which was omitted or inputted incorrectly.

Payroll Run is a time consuming process and may take anywhere between 1-5 minutes depending on the number of employees and your computer configuration.

To save time in such situations, Runtime Payroll lets you run payroll for one or more selected employees and avoid running for all employees.

To do this, open the ‘Run Payroll’ window and click on ‘…’ button on the ‘Employees’ box displayed at top centre.


This will open a new window which lists down all employee records.

select employees

In this window, select the employees for which you want to run payroll by checking the checkboxes in front of employee names. Once selected, click on ‘Select’ button at the bottom. You will now see the number of selected employees in the Employee box. Click on ‘Start’ to run payroll for these selected employees.

This can save huge time and allows you to execute multiple runs by making changes and observing the effect of changes on the final payroll numbers.

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