How to import employees from excel?

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Runtime Payroll lets you import all your employee records from excel. This saves you time and effort needed to manually insert employee records one by one.

This article will explain the process to import employee records using excel template.

To start, go to Employees menu and click on “Import Employees”.
You will see following screen:

Click on “Import Template” and an excel file will open that will look like the one shown below:

You can fill this excel file with all the employee information. You can copy paste this information from your existing employee records, just take note of the columns. You should insert data in correct columns, for e.g, First Name in column titled First Name and so on.

Note that following columns are mandatory:

1. Employee Code
2. First Name
3. Gender
4. Date of Birth
5. Date of Joining

Also note that in the date columns, you need to enter dates in yyyy-mm-dd format. For e.g., in Date of Birth column, if the employee’s date of birth is 15-JAN-1985, you should enter 1985-01-15.

Once you have finished preparing the data in this template, don’t forget to save it. By default the file is generated in you Documents folder, but if you have saved it elsewhere, remember the folder where you have saved. Now you are ready to import the employee records in Runtime Payroll. Make sure the file is closed before proceeding to next step.

Here is how the excel file will look, once you have entered data:

Once again, go back to the employee import screen and click on Browse button. In the file open dialog, select the excel file you just saved. You will see the list of employees on screen with name, date of birth and some more fields. All fields are not shown here.

Now click on ‘Check’ button to verify the data. On the last column of data, you will see results of check. For e.g., if a record is correct and good to import, you will see ‘OK: Ready to Import’. Similarly, If a record has invalid data, you will the same in last column with relevant error.

If there are errors, reopen your excel file and fix the errors. Save the excel file, close it, and import again by selecting it from Browse button.

Once all errors are resolved, click on ‘Save’ button to import and save all employee records in Runtime Payroll.

That’s it. It is easy and quick to get started with employee import feature.

Bonus Tip: You can also use the import functionality to update information of already imported employees. Keep the original excel file safe for future use. Whenever you want to make bulk changes to multiple employees, just update the excel file and import it again. The new information will be updated in all records. Make sure you do not change the employee code value. Because that is the one which is used to identify records from excel.

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