Configuring Attendance Machine


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With Runtime Payroll, you can easily configure your attendance machine and track employee attendance within the software. This eliminates the need to use a different software for attendance tracking.

There are various types of attendance machines in market but most of them save data in one of the following 3 formats:
1. Text/CSV File
2. Excel File
3. MS Access File

If your attendance machine also saves data in one of the above formats, you can quickly configure Runtime Payroll to import data from attendance machine. Follow the below steps on how to do that:

Attendance Import Settings

Go to Setup > Leaves & Attendance > Attendance Import Settings

attendance menu

Text File

The first tab is ‘Text File’ which supports Comma Separated Values (CSV), Tab Separated Values (TSV) and plain text (TXT) files as well.


All you need to do is open your attendance file (generated by your attendance machine), and look for following data columns:
1. Employee Code, and
2. Date/Time of punch

For e.g., look at below sample file:


This file has data in 7 columns which are separated by Tab (not comma). Column no. 3 has employee code and column no. 7 has date/time of punch. In this case, you can configure the attendance import settings as follows:

1. Column Separator: Select ‘Tab’
2. Employee Code Column #: Enter 3
3. Date/Time Column #: Enter 7
4. Date/Time Format: Select yyyy/MM/dd (since time in log file is in yyyy/MM/dd format. If your log file shows a different format, select that value accordingly).

Click ‘Save’ to save your settings.

Excel File

To configure attendance import from excel file, click on second tab of attendance import settings with title ‘Excel File’ as shown in below screenshot:


Download template by clicking on ‘Open’ button. An excel file will open. Copy-paste date in the first two columns i.e. Employee Code and Date/Time of punch. See sample below:


Once you have copied data, save a copy of this file in your documents or desktop folder (where you can easily find it when importing).

Click ‘Save’ to save your settings.

MS Access File

In case your attendance machine generates MS Access (.mdb) file, select the third tab ‘MS Access Database’ as shown below:


Here is the explanation of various fields on this screen:
1. Data File Location (.mdb): Click on ‘Browse’ to select the database file which is generated by attendance machine. It is usually the folder where your biometric machine software is installed.
2. Security File Location (.mdw): In case the .mdb file is protected with a security file, you can select security file location here. This is an optional setting and not applicable for all MS Access files. You can contact our support team or your biometric supplier to know more about this option.
3. Username: Enter the username to connect to database
4. Password: Enter the password to connect to database

After entering the above information, click on ‘Connect’ to test connection to database. Wait for a couple of seconds and the system will prompt you if the connection was successful. If connection could not be established, note the error message displayed and contact our support staff to resolve the issue.
If connection was successful, you will see that the next field ‘Select Log Table’ will have a list of tables from the database. You need to select the table that contains employee punch data. After selecting the table, select columns for employee code and Date/Time in next two fields.

Click ‘Save’ to save your settings.

Importing Attendance

Once you have configured the import settings, you are now ready to import data into Runtime Payroll. To do this, go to Attendance > Import Month Attendance



On the following file, click on ‘Import’ button at the top of screen. It will work in following ways:
1. If import is to be made from text or excel file, you will be prompted to pick the file from File open Dialog. Select the file which contains the data and the program will read attendance and show in above window.
2. If import is to be done from MS Access Database, you will directly see data in above window.

Click ‘Import & Save’ to save the imported records or click ‘Remove All’ to clear the imported data and import again.

For more information contact us here.

To download free trial of Runtime Payroll for 30 days, go to product page and click ‘Download Now’

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