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GST Ready

Fully supports GST compliance. Built-in checks to ensure correct accounting entry. One click GSTR-3B and GSTR-1 generation. Frequently updated with changing laws.

Online Accounting

With Runtime Accounts, a browser and internet connection is all you need for book keeping. No software maintenance, backups and upgrades are needed.

Multi Location

Multiple users across multiple locations can work together at common platform. All information stays at one place for live reporting. No need to merge data for reporting.

Full Fledged

A full-fledged accounting suite with ability to create receipts, payments, journal, contra and stock vouchers.


Create Invoices, Quotations, Purchase Orders and more with easy to use interface. Send to your customers using e-mail or sms.

Multi User

Different access rights for users. One user may create purchase voucher while other can create sales invoices.

Mobile Friendly

View all your books on-the-go and take quick actions with mobile friendly optimized pages.
Why Online Accounts?

All recent technological trends indicate that the future of business technology lies in online business applications that run on cloud.

Desktop based software solutions have already become obsolete and trying hard to keep up with changing times. A cloud based software offers you the most up-to-date version of the solution, every time you use it. There are no needs to update/upgrade by yourself.

The browser is set to become the next-generation operating system in itself.

  • Data Security

    Keep your data safe and secure in cloud. No loss of information due to system crashes, hard disk failure and power losses. We take care of data backups and monitor servers 24/7 to bring you flawless experience.

  • Use On-The-Go

    View your books from your laptop, tablet or mobile – anywhere and everywhere. All data is protected with high security standards. In case you wish to allow access only from your office, that’s also possible.

  • Maintenance Free

    Always experience the latest and greatest version of Runtime Accounts whenever you open the application in your browser. We regularly update the application with changing laws and keep adding new features. You do not need to install updates or patches.

  • Lightening Fast

    Built on latest technology, Runtime Accounts offers a lightening fast experience. Using techniques like offline cache, on-demand request, optimized structures and more, it feels like working on a desktop software.

Plans & Pricing
Full Set of BooksYesYes
GST ComplianceYesYes
Payment remindersYesNo
Integrated e-mail & smsYesNo
Number of UsersUnlimited3
Yearly ChargesINR 7,200INR 3,600

More Features

With truly Indian accounting system, there is virtually no learning required to get started. Simple voucher entries for Purchase, Sale, Receipt, Payment, Journal and Contra brings back the age-old familiar experience.


No need to send accounts data to auditor or accountant. Allow your chartered accountant or auditor to view/edit your books to a from their own office. Choose to give read-only access for more control.


Every user action taken is logged. An administrator can view details of each and every action taken by different users with details of action and date/time. This brings more transparency in entire business process.


We offer comprehensive online documentation to provide instant help on various features of Runtime Accounts. Head over to documentation to find what you are looking for. In case your query is not already answered, we are always there to support.

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