Pricing Comparison

Runtime HRMS Plan Comparison

See detailed comparison of pricing plans with features and limitations.

Feature Free Basic Professional
Employee Management
Employee Limit
15 Unlimited Unlimited
Import from Excel
Documents Upload
Employee Exit
Mobile Attendance (using Gatekeeper)
Import from Excel
Holiday Calendar by Location
Weekly off by Location
Leave Encashment & Lapse
Time-based Payments
Sandwich Leaves
Remote Punch using Workman
Biometric Integration
Bulk Operations
Salary Update
Profile Update
Bank Update
Payroll Management
Amount-based Salary Input
Unit-based Salary Input
Deductions Input
Extra Days
Extra Hours
Employee Loans
Income Tax Declarations
One-click Pay-slip distribution
HR Management
Full & Final
Automatic Customisable Greetings
Mass Communication (E-Mail/Push Notifications)
Company Policy Publication
HR Letter Automation
Leave Approval Workflow
Helpdesk for Employees
Claims & Reimbursements
Statutory Compliance
ESI Deduction & Returns
PF Deduction & Returns
Professional Tax Deduction
Income Tax Deduction
TDS Return
Highly Customizable Salary Register
Highly Customizable Pay-slips
Attendance Register
Time Summary
Leave Summary
Employee Reports
Bank Transfer Letter
Statutory Reports & Returns (ESI, PF, Income Tax)
Master Limits
Up-to 3 Up-to 50 Up-to 50
Cost Centers
Up-to 3 Up-to 50 Up-to 50
Up-to 3 Up-to 50 Up-to 50
Up-to 3 Up-to 50 Up-to 50
Work Shifts
Up-to 3 Up-to 50 Up-to 50
Employee Self Service mobile app (Workman)
Maximum number of Users
Single User Up-to 50 Up-to 50
Configure Company mail address for outgoing e-mails
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Pricing FAQs

What is the payment frequency?

Subscription charges can be paid for 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 year or 3 years. Go for 6 months or more for attractive discounts.

How to make the payment?

Once you are logged into the application, click on your profile picture at top right and then click on ‘Subscription’ link. On the subscription page, you will see ‘Renew Subscription’ link which will allow you to make the payment using debit card, credit card, net banking, UPI or wallets like Paytm etc.

Can I pay offline or a direct bank transfer?

We recommend to pay using online payment facility. This ensures that your service is renewed immediately upon successful payment. If you choose to pay offline, you can do so by way of NEFT transfer to our bank account. However, it may take up-to 72 working hours to renew your account. To find details of our bank account for NEFT payments, write to us at:

What happens when I upgrade my plan?

When you upgrade your plan, you will be required to pay for the difference of price between your existing and new plan, for the number of months remaining in your subscription. Let's take an example. Suppose you have 100 employee limit and 5 months are left in your subscription. If you upgrade from Basic to Professional plan, you will need to pay 100 x 5 x (15-10) = INR 2,500.