Runtime One Features


Manage attendance, leaves, claims, loans and more.

Custom Leaves

Define custom leave types like Casual Leave, Medical Leave etc. with paid/unpaid options.

Grant, Lapse & Encashment

Add rules for automatic leave grant, lapse and encashment every month.

Holiday Calendar

Create your own holiday calendar for entire year. Setup different holiday calendars for different locations.

Weekly Offs

Define different weekly offs by location to automatically provide for paid offs for any day(s) of the week.

Time Rules

Flexible options to create early coming, late coming, early going, late going and lunch time to calculate paid hours.

Payment Rules

Salary calculation based on time-in and time-out for number of hours worked. Options for double salary for working on holidays or weekly offs.

Overtime Calculation

Store employee documents with employee profile for quick access whenever needed.

Leave Management on Workman

Employees can apply leaves, view history of leaves taken, view monthly attedance calendar using Workman.

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