Runtime HRMS Features

Employee Information Management

Organize employee information in cloud.
Access easily from anywhere, anytime.

Employee Information Management with Runtime HRMS

Comprehensive Database

Save and find employee information in an organized way

  • Employee name, date of joining, date of birth etc.
  • Permanent and present addresses
  • Family Details, marital status and dependents
  • Statutory and compliance information
  • Custom fields for storing additional information

Document Storage

Safely store documents in cloud and download when needed

  • Save documents like identity proof, address proof etc.
  • Download on demand whenever needed
  • Save HR Letters like offer letter directly from HR module
Employee Document Storage with Runtime HRMS
Employee Record Import with Runtime HRMS

Import from excel

Import employee records from excel to get started quickly

  • Copy your existing employee data and import from excel
  • Revise information in excel and re-upload for bulk updating
  • Download employee records in excel for offline storage


Generate self-onboarding forms for new hires

  • Send self-onboarding forms to new hires by mail
  • New hires can submit onboarding forms and documents
  • Review completed forms and approve or send back
Onboarding Forms in Runtime HRMS
Employee Work Profile Management with Runtime HRMS

Work Profile

Organise employees by location, department and cost center

  • Create employee profile history by date
  • Revise work profile to identify promotions
  • View entire work history of each employee

Salary & Increments

Maintain salary structures with employee work-history

  • Salary details with multiple effective dates
  • Load salary from pre-defined salary structures
  • View history of salary revisions
Employee Salary Management with Runtime HRMS
More on employee information
Personal Information

Store passport number, driving license, blood group, personal and official e-mail, mobile and emergency contact information.

Bank Details

Bank details like account number, bank name, bank IFSC code can be saved and used to generate salary transfer instructions.

Reporting Hierarchy

Assign Reporting Manager and HR Manager from existing employees to enable approval of requests like leaves, comp-offs etc.

Custom Additional Fields

Define up-to 5 additional information fields with your own names and store employee information against those fields.

Set Active or Inactive

Set employees inactive if you wish to exclude them from payroll processing and reports. Set active again to enable.

Employee Statement

Download employee statement which gives out every detail about an employee with historic changes in work profile or salary records.

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