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Download & Installation

Thanks for choosing Runtime Payroll to automate your business payroll processing. This page will guide your through download and installation of Runtime Payroll with workarounds for some common issues that you may encounter.


You can download Runtime Payroll's latest version by going to product page and clicking on 'Download Now' button. A setup file will be downloaded on your computer. Some web browsers may show a warning message as shown below: Download Warning Do not worry about the warning. Simply click on the arrow on the right side of the warning and click on Keep to save downloaded file: Chrome Download Warning


After downloading, click on the runpay_setup_xx.exe file to launch the installer.

Warnings shown by anti-virus software:

If you have an antivirus installed on your computer, you may encounter warning messages before your anti-virus allows the installation. Usually the anti-virus software scans the file which may take 10-15 seconds. Once the scanning is finished, you should be able to continue the installation. To view list of common antivirus warnings and how to handle them, click here.

Warnings shown by Windows SmartScreen (Windows 10)

Some version of Windows may also show a SmartScreen protection warning like this: windows-defender-warning-1 windows-defender-warning-2 In case of such warning, click on More Info and then click Run Anyway to begin the installation. A successful installation prompt looks like below: run_prompt Click on Run to start the installation. On the following window, you just need to click on Next a couple of times to complete the installation. Once installation is done, you will see an icon on your desktop and Programs Menu. Click on either the desktop or Program Menu icon to launch the software.

Other Issues during installation

Installation does not begin, no errors, no messages
If nothing happens when you double-click on setup file, follow these steps: 1. Right click the file and click on properties: 2. On the 'General' tab, see if there is a Security section at bottom with a checkbox Unblock. If yes, select the checkbox to unblock the file and click 'Apply' to save your settings. After making this change, double-click the file again to launch the installer. If your issue is not listed on this page, please contact us here.