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Configuring E-Mail Settings

This articles explains how to configure e-mail settings in Runtime Payroll. By configuring e-mail, you can send pay-slips to your employees by e-mail. To open e-mail settings, go to Setup > Company Settings > E-Mail Settings e-mail-settings Sample settings for configuring a Gmail account.
  1. Display Name: Company Name e.g. Runtime Software Private Limited
  2. E-mail Address: Gmail address e.g.
  3. Username: Gmail address e.g.
  4. Password: Gmail login password
  5. SMTP Address:
  6. SMTP Port: 587
  7. Use SSL: Yes (Check the box)
  8. Click 'Save'
You need to make one more change to be able to use Gmail for sending mails: 1. Open your Google account settings by visiting 2. Sign in (if required) 3. Click 'Security' link on the left navigation menu 4. Scroll to the very bottom of the page to find a section that says 'Less secure apps access'. If this setting is turned 'Off', you need to turn this to 'On' less-secure-apps less-secure-apps-status-off less-secure-apps-status-on The first time you try to send e-mail from Runtime Payroll using your Gmail account, you may receive an e-mail alert from Google saying that 'Sign-in attempt was blocked'. If this happens, click on 'Check Activity' link in the e-mail or visit and allow the recently blocked activity by confirming that it was you who tried to send the e-mail. After taking above steps, there should be no issues in sending e-mails using Gmail. Remember, if you have hundreds of employees and send hundreds of e-mails using Gmail, Google may block your e-mail sending privileges for some time. It's always good to have a professional e-mail service.